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     My first summer out of high school consisted of writing a web-based system that organized a school district's curriculum. The system consisted of a neatly presented matrix of all the courses that were contained in a department. A teacher would need to be logged in to edit his/her courses however could view other courses based on the set access level. I really enjoyed building this system and it was a great experience in both large scale database management and web development.

["Curriculum Map" Aug 2011]
PHP | MySQL | HTML | CSS | javascript/jQuery
     Transitioning from web-based applications, I have discovered that developing for both iOS and Mac OSX devices is quite fun as well. Writing programs for these systems is quite difficult and requires very organized code and much determination. However, the end result is nothing short of breathtaking. So far I have written one app for the iPhone which is currently available on the app store. I have written and support a large scale objective-c gradebook application that is currently in use by hundreds of teachers, and at the moment I am working on iPad software that syncs between the two systems.

["CrapTracker" May 2012]
["Grades Etc." Sep 2012]

Objective-C | Cocoa
    Web design is one of my favorite skills to articulate. I have always loved creating artwork and with web publishing, I am able to literally create artwork using code. It is really the best of both words. I have written a few websites so far (including this one) for both mobile and non-mobile devices and have loved the feeling of transforming numbers into artwork with every one.

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PHP | MySQL | HTML | CSS | javascript/jQuery | Flash
    A piece of software is like a car. It moves and is alive. It responds to user input and adjusts itself accordingly. However every so often it needs maintenance. Software is no different. As time moves forward updates and refactoring need to be applied. Warwick's Facility Use System was a great example of a program I had to modify and redesign to suit the changing needs of a modern school district. It was a great example of keeping stable code intact while adding key features and enhancements.

["Facility Use System" Jan 2012]
PHP | MySQL | HTML | CSS | javascript/jQuery

"Software and cathedrals are much the same
   - first we build them, then we pray"
~ Anonymous